Humor results when Engineering Practice meets the Law of Attraction.

Humor results when Engineering Practice meets the Law of Attraction.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Intermediate exercise for strengthening internally focused Will

Have you ever worked on something so intently you forgot to stop for lunch?

When you were done, your stomach was going "GRRRoowwwlllMuhuhuhahaha!" with an
evil tone.

Until you finished you didn't notice your stomach. That is the kind of concentration you want to achieve.

Your Will is the driver behind that concentration. Your task is to strengthen that Will.

- Take two books that would normally be boring to you. Read a paragraph from the first book.

Focus totally on that paragraph as you read. Total concentration. Make yourself read it slowly, methodically so that you understand what the paragraph is saying.

If you don't like computer programming, read a programming book. I myself like programming and usually sit down and read a programming manual like a novel.
On the other hand, I don't 'get' home decorating books so could use one to develop my Will.

Read the paragraph with total focus, then, and here is the important part, pick up your second uninteresting book and focus totally on a paragraph from there.

Completely drop the first book. Don't think about it, just drop it.

Force your focus onto the second book. Total concentration. Really understand what it is saying, then drop it and go back to the first. Repeat, till your eye bug out!

This is not an exercise to torture you. This is an exercise to show you that your Will is the driving force that focuses your thoughts and energy.

As you gain control over your Will, the result will be an ability to send your creative energy into any idea or analysis or concept. The more you practice using your Will, the easier intending items and situations into your life will become.

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  1. What an absolutely simple way to show this concept! Brilliant, thanks... Half way through your book. Just broke a bone on my foot, so I don't think it'll be hard to find the time to read the other half, lol. Chat with you soon.