Humor results when Engineering Practice meets the Law of Attraction.

Humor results when Engineering Practice meets the Law of Attraction.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Advanced Exercises for developing internal Will

For those of you who aren't meditators, this exercise can develop Will just as well as meditation. For those of you who are meditators, you'll recognize the steps.

Although many people meditate by walking in nature, or doing exercise such as long distance running, that is not what I will be referring to. This exercise is solely aimed at developing internal Will and as such needs you to remove all other distractions.

Start by sitting in a comfortable position. Decide on a short timeline, 15 minutes works. Turn off your phone (I know, I'm killing you!).

I suggest sitting because if you lie down, you may fall asleep and that defeats the purpose right? We aren't aiming at total peace and bliss here, we are aiming at strengthening your Will.

Close your eyes and pretend there is a blank movie screen on the inside of your forehead. Look at the screen and make sure it is blank. If there are pictures on screen, blank them out.

If you already meditate, or practice using your imagination abilities you may see movies or pictures or stories on the screen. That's wonderful but remember, we are working on building Will, not going on a journey. Blank the screen. Once the screen is blank, keep it blank until items stop popping up. If it's blank to start, great.

Once you can hold it blank for a bit, imagine a beach ball floating there on the screen. See the shape and colors.

Hold the beach ball for a minute or so. Once it is steady, cut your focus off from the screen and move your full attention down to your chest and feel your heart beat.

Put all attention onto feeling the steady beat in your chest. An alternative is to put all attention on hearing your breath go in and out. What matters is that you intentionally, even forcefully, choose to move your attention from one internal focus to another. The goal is to bounce your focus between the two points, each time disconnecting from the previous focus and totally focusing on the new area.

When you are starting out, there is nothing special about either of these locations, heart or forehead. You could pick other areas of your body to focus upon, however, my suggestion to you is to pick a place between your heart and the top of your head, no lower. When your Will strength starts to increase, you will be sending quite a bit of your creative energy into wherever you focus. Generally that doesn't go over well with the digestive system and other lower organs. Better to stay at heart level or above.

Once you get going and the strength of your Will increases, you'll find the screen on the inside of your forehead may take on quite a bit of significance, especially if you start to meditate.

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