Humor results when Engineering Practice meets the Law of Attraction.

Humor results when Engineering Practice meets the Law of Attraction.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Dancing with Miss Universe

My article "Dancing with Miss Universe" was just published in Information Press, a Central Coast Paper for independent and progressive articles and thinking. Here's the article!

Dancing with Miss Universe 11/18/2009
By Larry Rinzel

When I was young, my father talked about mind-over-matter. He, and from what I could see, his generation, saw it as conquering their physical surroundings, power over the physical world. It was culturally, a time for learning the lesson of power. The leaders from his generation still behave that way even though global warming is rapidly endangering the planet as a result.

It was not my father who showed me that mind-over-matter is not about control or power. It was a friend, and this friend taught me that true mind-over-matter is a dance between us and the universe.

This friend could get parking spaces wherever and whenever he needed. It was comical to watch the parking spaces open up just as he drove up. On one particular evening, a group of us were on the way to visit another friend in the hospital. We had enough people to warrant taking two cars. Both my friend and I drove, with my car in the lead.

En route, I decided I was going to steal his parking space when we arrived at the hospital. There we were, sitting at a stoplight with the hospital’s front door, 100 feet past the intersection. Parking was not allowed on the hospital side of the street and the other side of the street was fully parked up. For a moment, I thought he had not succeeded at his intention. The light changed green and as I started to pull forward, much to my surprise, two cars suddenly pulled out of spaces directly across from the hospital door. I zipped into one of them and my friend pulled into the second. As we walked into the hospital, I told him of my plan to steal his parking space. He looked at me with a little surprise and told me he had "Asked" for two spaces because we had two cars!

He had, "Asked" for two spaces. Asked whom? He never did elaborate, but from much effort spent learning to intend parking spaces, I believe I understand.

Intention is not about demanding, yet it is about strongly, sometimes very strongly, requesting.

Imagine you are at a dance. As you start walking across the dance floor to ask a possible partner, 'Mademoiselle Universe', you move with intention…purpose…'Personal Will'. Your Personal Will feeds your creative energy to your imagination creating desire; desire for something, someone, a goal not yet achieved. The imagination conjures up a picture…or a sound, representing your desire. As you continue walking, closing the gap between your desire and your reality, the Personal Will nudges this new image onward, moving the creative energy into the mind, your thoughts. "How should I ask? Should I be bold, strong…or should I be cool and laid back?" The mind takes the idea, sculpts it with thought; defines it with clarity of image and sharpness of focus.

But now, to convince Mademoiselle Universe that your request to dance isn’t just a passing fancy, you must provide something for her to hold onto, something that demonstrates the strength of your desire. Emotion! Yes, emotion. Your feelings, strong feelings, are needed to provide power to the request. But…not just any emotion! Make your emotion be a joyful one! A feeling of gleeful success, of completion, of acceptance; the feeling you will feel when Mademoiselle Universe accepts your invitation to dance! Repeat this request often. The more you woo her, requesting your desire, the stronger your emotions will be, and thus the stronger your request. But keep in mind, you are not demanding, not commanding…you are just requesting a dance.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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