Humor results when Engineering Practice meets the Law of Attraction.

Humor results when Engineering Practice meets the Law of Attraction.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mind Over Matter continued:

Most mind-over-matter programs that teach bringing items to you rely heavily on the mind. This approach really is starting at the middle of the process and trying to wrestle all the other aspects into submission through repetition of an image or thought.

eg. Use your mind to decide on an object of desire, define it (more mind) and then repeat an image of yourself having that item, all the while working to connect with the feeling of success.

This can work, however, it requires that the person has already learned to use their Will through normal life circumstances for example military and athletics training. Many people haven't learned that skill, and even the ones that have, don't realize they are using Will. Unfortunately, many practitioners of mind-over-matter, or the law of attraction, or positive thinking assume that the mind is the main driving component in bringing things in.

This assumption is even built into our vernacular such as the old adage, "I can do anything if I put my mind to it." It assumes that your Personal Will is part of your mind. Ever wonder why so many people find that mind-over-matter doesn't work for them? Or that New Years resolutions so easily fail? They are trying to Will something into existence without using their Personal Will. They try to use their mind to force the item, maybe tensing their muscles or squinting or giving themselves a headache! No good. If you can't engage the Will, you cannot move the creative energy through the required stages.

So, here are the required stages:

1. Personal Will collects your creative intention or force or energy or whatever you want to call it and then moves that energy (that's why they call it Will, you use your Will to push the energy) into your imagination.

2. The imagination comes up with an idea. Maybe that idea is your own, or maybe it is from the collective unconscious as some religions believe, it doesn't matter. The Will provides the energy and the imagination comes up with the idea that you want to create. The idea is not well defined for the physical world so it cannot just drop right in. It needs to be sculpted or defined by the mind.

3. The mind takes the idea and starts editing or sculpting or adjusting it so that it can become a reality in the real world. This sculpting can be done through images, sound, feeling and any system that works for you as long as you can get a clear understanding of what you are creating. Most people think of guided imagery or creative visualization as the correct path to mind-over-matter. It is definitely the strongest because it allows for very detailed definition of your desire; but you could also define a desired car stereo by imagining how it would sound in your car.

As long as you can bring in the five senses (the more senses you bring in, the greater your possibility of outcome), you should be able to intend situations and objects into your life.

4. After the mind has defined the physical limits to whatever the idea is, the emotions respond and can be sculpted by the mind as well. It is best to aim for a feeling of success in achieving the desired item. Feelings have a direct response on your body or energy field or attitude or mood. If you are in a bad mood, no one wants to be around; if you are in a good mood, people can't get enough of you. So, if you intend an item with the feeling of success you will resonate with whatever external circumstance matches that feeling. And whatever people are needed will respond to your resonant call.

Voila, you are on the way to achieving your desire. As I said earlier, this is complicated and needs more explanation which you can find in the book I've published, listed on my web page (

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